About ByTheBagInsulation.com

As experts in the fields of radiant barrier and insulation, we often find that questions about the two  overlap. Radiant barrier and regular insulation work very well together and we highly recommend you have  a pure aluminum radiant barrier along with the recommended level of R-value in your attic space.

Blowing In Bagged Insulation

We constantly get questions about recommendations for insulation contractors and while the levels of recommended R-value may vary from city to city around the USA, we always tell customers to buy insulation by the bag, not the inch.

We created this website as a place to help customers understand why buying by the bag is the only way to buy insulation, and as a place for insulation contractors who install by the bag to be found by customers looking for a contractor. If you are a contractor and you’d like to get listed on our site, please contact us.